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Wanderlust! One word that describes the desire within most of us. Some of us love to travel to far off places to relax ourselves during the vacations, while the rest of us love exploring. Some of us might even be in the travelling job. One might plan a relaxing trip with friends to Goa or a family trip to Jaipur and Udaipur. There are many of us who would want to visit pilgrim places like Mathura, Haridwar, Kedarnath, Vrindavan, Kashi or any other. The ones in travelling jobs might have to travel every now and then. What we really do before travelling is that we get the tickets done, pack our bags, make plans, check the list of things supposed to be carried over and over again and then make new plans and leave in a joyful mood expecting the trip to be an adventurous one.

Have you ever thought that what if the bag that you had kept almost all of the items from your ‘to be carried’ list, is lost on your way? Or what if the flight gets delayed and you are unable to reach for the meeting that was fixed up and could cost you your job? Or you miss the ticket that you got done 3 months prior for this trip? Or maybe you suddenly meet an accident in the new city and there is a medical emergency. There are equal chances of even your wallet being stolen and you running out of cash in a situation like this. Suppose even you do not have relatives or friends in the city and do not have any prior bookings done too. Your trip in any of these situations is going to turn out into an unpleasant and stressful one.

A situation like this would be completely horrifying. Running to the police station in cases of theft or waiting for your family back home to send you money would be very time consuming. A situation like this cannot be predicted beforehand but one can always be prepared for it. If you have been thinking of this from over a time now and could not figure out a way, we are here to help you. What can bring you out from a situation like this is a good Domestic Travel Insurance Plan.

A Domestic Travel Insurance Plan is the only right way out to whatever may go wrong on your trip. An individual travelling within the boundaries of the country to any of the cities of his choice can claim for this travel insurance. Foreigners with travel permit in the country are also eligible to apply for this Insurance. There are many companies in India that offer these travel insurances. This does not even cost much upon the pocket of the traveller. Something between Rs 150 to 250 per trip for a 24 hour emergency help whenever you are travelling and need help isn’t much.
To help you better understand what all does a Domestic Travel Insurance Plan cover, here are the certain awful situation that the insurance can help you in:

  1. Medical emergency: In case of any medical emergency that may be illness or injury or an accident, a domestic travel insurance plan would help you get assistance without any financial contingency.
  2. Loss or Theft of Baggage: The insurance will help you in case you lose your luggage on your trip.
  3. Delay or Cancellation of the trip: In cases of delay or cancellation of your trip due to any reason, you may not be eligible to get refunds if you do not have a domestic Travel Insurance Plan.
  4. Loss of ticket: In a situation where you lose your ticket an travel insurance plan can help you rescue.
  5. 24 hour assistant: If on your trip you need any kind of assistant or service, you can contact the insurance company anytime. The helplines are open all the time.
  6. Accommodation Charges: In cases where your trip is delayed for more than 5 hours, reimbursement coverage is provided. The benefits for such cases are mentioned in the policy schedule.
  7. Missed Train or Flight: If the vehicle that you are travelling to catch your flight or train gets involved in an accident or if the public transport services are unavailable, the actual cost of your return ticket will be reimbursed.
  8. Emergency Cash: An awkward situation may arise if you lose your cash or wallet on the trip. A domestic Travel Insurance Plan can take you out of such a situation if you avail the service of emergency cash.

Travel Insurance benefits vary depending on your Insurance Company and Country.

There also have been cases of loss or theft of electronic appliances that include mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. A nasty situation like this can make the idea of enjoyment unpleasant and can lead to certain discomforts. One must also not forget to get them insured. Also, for trip that you plan to go for adventure activities like water sports, paragliding, mountaineering or any other special attention must be paid. Any slight mistake may turn things in a different way. One must always plan for these mishaps beforehand. God forbid, if anything goes wrong all that one can do is regret. It is better to be planned in advance that sobbing on it later. For the entire assistant that you are provided by the domestic Travel Insurance Plan, it does not confine to being a need while travelling but it is also important. This would help you not only to have a peaceful journey it would help you better relax when you don’t have to be worried or something or the other all the time.

Having said this, one must also understand that if the person willingly gets involved in a situation like this, the domestic insurance plan will be of no help. The insurance plan shall also not cover pre-existing situations and the related complications. One must take care of themselves on their own in a situation of war or terrorism. Suicide attempts and HIV/AIDS aren’t covered under the plan. An act under the influence of drug or alcohol by the insured is also not a part of the insurance plan. Also, criminal acts of voluntarily involvement are excluded.

We suggest you to get a domestic travel insurance plan before planning your next trip to have a better experience and to ensure the safety of your near and dear ones. After all, it is truly said, precaution is better than cure.

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