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Do you plan to take a trip across the borders of the country for your next vacations? Where will it be to- Dubai, Egypt, America, Singapore or any other place of your choice? Or do you have to travel abroad often for business? Or are you lucky enough to take good breaks and travel around the world and explore? You maybe anyone of them, traveling abroad, or even if you are a student who has got admission in any of the colleges outside India, you can be sure that there is somebody apart from your family and friends who cares about your safety and security on your trip.


Many of you might have always been thinking or have atleast once thought that what if there could be somebody who could take away all your additional tensions and stresses while on the trip and you could just concentrate upon your work and the activities that you have planned. To your service in a situation like this comes up this International Travel Insurance Plan. Yes! The International Travel Insurance Plan is always at your service on your trips abroad. It ensures that you have a secure and happy trip.

The main objective of any such plan is to help you out of an emergency situation in the new country. These awkward situations include those that arise due to medical emergencies, loss or theft of baggage, need for emergency cash, delayed or missed flights, missing passports and those arising due to accidents. In any of these situations you would not find yourself helpless if you are insured.

While planning all about your international trips, we insist you to even give a thought to the international travel insurance plan. This is not just another paper work as you might think, but it is an important decision that can help you prepare for emergencies in a much better way. It helps you prepare in advance for the possible adversities that you might have to face on your trip.

To elaborate as to what an International Travel Insurance Plan is, below mentioned are some of the emergency situations, which you might agree to, that can occur anytime while you are on your trip:

  1. Loss or theft of baggage: There can be sudden awkward situations on your trips where you get to know that your bag that carried almost everything that you require on the trip is missing or stolen.
  2. Misplaced passports: It may happen that you miss out or aren’t able to find your passports.
  3. Medical Emergencies: God forbid, if a medical emergency all of a sudden comes up in a foreign country that you are completely unfamiliar with, you can find yourself completely helpless. And the hospital fee and bills might not be affordable.
  4. Accidents: You may meet an accident in the new country or the vehicle that you were traveling in to catch your flight might bump into another vehicle and create a chaos.
  5. Delayed or missed flights: Your connecting flight or the light back to India might get delayed and due to this you may have to miss upon your urgent meetings or other scheduled plans. It is also possible that you miss your flight.
  6. Delayed trips: There can be situations in your house or sudden medical emergencies due to which you have to delay your planned trips or cancel them.
  7. Need for emergency cash: In case you lose your wallet or the bag that you had kept all your cash in, you may in middle of your trip run out of cash.
  8. Illness or death: It is possible that the person traveling suddenly falls ill or is dead while on the trip itself.

Travel Insurance benefits vary depending on your Insurance Company and Country.

Any of these situations is equally likely to disturb your trip. The International Travel Insurance Plan is now needed to tackle these situations. If you are insured and you lose your baggage you’ll get immediate cash to buy yourself all the necessary items as required then that you lost with your bag. In cases of delay or missed flights you get the actual amount of the ticket refunded which is no way possible if you aren’t assured. In case of sudden medical emergencies or illness, your hospital fees and other medical charges are paid which otherwise can cost you a wholesome amount. The policy also covers the transportation cost to the nearest medical facility in case of illness or medical emergency. In case that you lose your passport, amount required to get a new passport immediately is also covered. In certain situations where you might need emergency cash it is provided to you at the earliest.

In short in the unfamiliar place that you plan to have fun in, you always carry with you somebody who can help you out of any situation just by paying a nominal amount for the per trip that you take.

There also have been cases in which the person travelling loses his gadgets that include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, ipads, cameras or any other that belongs to the traveller. It is also important for you to get your electronic appliances insured before going for the trip.

In case that you are planning to go for adventure activities on your trips that might include scuba diving, skinning, mountain biking, parasailing, paragliding, hiking or any other, we recommend you to get an insurance first. This would not only insure your safety while you enjoy your adventure sports but in case of any mishap it would also help you recover. An International Travel Insurance Plan is important for anybody travelling across the borders of the country. The eligibility criteria’s are mentioned in the policy. There are many companies in India that provide these insurances. Online websites also help the interested ones to compare these policies.

Getting yourself insured is highly recommended for you to have a grudge-free and an enjoyable holiday. If you are prepared in advance for any of the mishaps, nothing else can worry you while on your trip.

We are here to help you in every possible way, anytime and any day.

You can buy, extend and claim online, even after you’ve left home. Travel insurance from is available to people from over 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

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