List of long weekends in India in 2020

When you have the detail of holidays in your hand it’s never too late to begin planning.

List of long weekends in India in 2020 is your travel manager when year 2020 is just two months away and by now millennials must have already started scrolling the calendar to have a glance of all the holidays. This article will ease your work and will give a glimpse of long weekends throughout the year that you can avail to plan a holiday with your near and dear ones.

When you have the detail of holidays in your hand it’s never too late to begin planning. Quite a huge percentage of millennials are eager to plan ahead of any vacations while very few enjoys instant short trips. In whichever category you belong a small planning can make your holiday exuberant and cheerful.

First and foremost, step of planning a vacation is finalizing the dates. Once that is done it’s better to inform your supervisor and colleges about it well in advance and apply for leaves if any. This will save you from last minute work requirements and calls.

Selecting a destination solely depends on one’s choice of interest. Millennials with vast number of options available face difficulty in deciding the travel location. Some have inclination towards mountains, others love beaches, some are adventure enthusiast while few likes to discover Indian culture and heritage. Selecting a destination also depends on the number of days available in your bucket. If count is lea than four choosing a near location is beneficial. But if you are fortunate enough to get a more day of bail from work, a far-off location or even overseas can make it a memorable trip.

Below is the list of long weekends in India in 2020, choose a date according to your convenience and have a memorable vacation.

January Long Weekends in India in 2020

Weekend 1 – 11th – Saturday, 12th – Sunday, 13th – Lohri, 14th – Take Leave, 15th – Makar Sankranti/Pongal



February Long Weekends in India in 2020

Weekend 1 – 21st – Friday Maha Shivratri, 22nd – Saturday, 23rd – Sunday


March Long Weekends in India in 2020

Weekend 1 – 7th – Saturday, 8th – Sunday, 9th – Monday Take leave, 10th – Tuesday Holi


April Long Weekends in India in 2020

Weekend 1 – 2nd – Thursday Ram Navami, 3rd – Friday Take leave, 4th – Saturday, 5th – Sunday, 6th – Monday Mahavir Jayanti


Weekend 1 – 1st – Friday Labor Day, 2nd – Saturday, 3rd – Sunday
Weekend 2 – 7th – Thursday Buddha Purnima, 8th – Friday Take leave, 9th – Saturday, 10th – Sunday
Weekend 3 – 23rd – Saturday, 24th – Sunday, 25th –Monday Eid-Ul-fitar


Weekend 1 – 31st – July Bakr Id/Eid ul-Adha, 1st – Saturday, 2nd – Sunday, 3rd – Monday Raksha Bandhan
Weekend 2 – 29th – Saturday, 30th – Sunday, 31st – Monday Onam


Weekend 1 – 2nd – Friday Mahatma Gandhi Birthday, 3rd – Saturday, 4th – Sunday
Weekend 2 – 30th – Friday Milad Un Nabi, 31st – Saturday, 1st November – Sunday


Weekend 1 – 28th – Saturday, 29th – Sunday, 30th – Monday Guru Nanak Birthday


Weekend 1 – 25th – Friday Christmas, 26th – Saturday, 27th – Sunday


It’s always advantageous to have prior arrangement of travel and hotel reservation for a hasslefree vacation. Bookings done two-three months earlier from the date of travel is not only economical but also enable a comfortable stay and gives you an edge over others in selecting your choice of hotel rooms. Flights booked way earlier are affordable than those done at nick of time.

Please note – “Above long weekend ideas considers only major holidays. You should also check for your regional, state level or company level leaves for precision planning.”

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