Safety Tips for Water Sports

Summers are round the corner and so are vacations. Gone are the days that we planned to visit our relatives and friends during the summer breaks. Most of us look forward for some exciting adventure activities during the vacations. These are the peak times for water sports. These sport include boating, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, rafting, sailing and many more.

All of these water sports are equally fascinating. Some of them are can be done on small water bodies while most of them are practiced on large water bodies like seas and oceans. They are equally dangerous as much as enthralling they are. One must always keep in mind that these water bodies have lives of their own. However much fun these sports may be, one must never try disturbing the water life.

There are certain safety rules that one must follow before going for any water sports. Some of them are:

  1. Weather Forecast: Before entering the water body it is highly recommended to forecast the weather. These sports must be avoided in cases of storms or other natural disasters. In case you are trapped in rough water, get a boat and reach the shore immediately.
  2. Study the Water: After the weather forecast, one must also study the water carefully. One should know the times of high and low waves in the water. Also water sports during rains must be avoided.
  3. Know how to swim: However easy the water sports may seem to be, get a proper training for it first. Listen to the instructions given carefully. Know how to swim. Even if you are a professional swimming, wear a life jacket. It is important and must not question your style or coolness.
  4. Never dive alone: Even if you are an expert in water sports and have done it many times before, avoid diving or swimming alone. Take somebody along. In case you plan to dive alone, inform somebody trustworthy about your location in the water before entering it.
  5. Watch your children: In case you have children accompanying you for the water sport, pay special attention to them. Guide them about the safety rules. Make sure each of them has a life jacket on even if they know how to swim. Do not allow them to bend over in the water from the boat. Taking very small children along is not a good idea. Also, make sure that the children know well how to use the equipment.
  6. Pay attention to Water Life: It is sure that whatever water body you are entering has a life under it. You must know about the kinds of fishes and other water animals in the water body. Do not disturb their life. They won’t attack unless they themselves feel threatened. Still in case you are attacked by any of these, stay calm and call out for help immediately. Guide the children about the same.
  7. Avoid Alcohol: It is possible that your friends or companions may ask you to have alcohol before entering the water. Avoid consuming any of it and also ask your friends not to do so. It could otherwise turn out to be dangerous.
  8. Keep In touch: When going for a water sports, try carrying a communication device with you. It could either be a mobile phone or a marine band radio. Keep updating someone about your location and safety.
  9. Protect you skin: It is understood that wearing swim suits in itself is another fascination. But at the same time one must also take good care of the skin. Proper suns cream must be applied. Over exposed skin to the hot sun can also cause skin cancer.
  10. Know how to call for help: Whenever going into a water body it is very important to know how to call out for help. Sending signal in time can save your life in cases of mishaps. You can also put a unique mark on your boat for example a flag. This would help the coast guard to locate you easily. Also, in case you are trapped, you must shout out for help from any nearby or passing by boat.
  11. Proper equipment: Along with all the safety measures and first aid kit, it is also important to carry the other required equipment. These also include boat repair tools. Always carry extra life jackets with you. Make sure that each of you on the boat knows how to exactly use the equipment.

Surely, any water sport is thrilling. But it is important to take these safety measures. You must take time out to do proper homework before setting off for any of these activities. Also make sure that you are accompanied by someone trustworthy. It is better to be safe than to regret later.

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